Hey, my name is Sarah and I am what I call a “Code sorcerer”. I invented that term to describe someone who works with the source code of life in order to unfold the gameplay experience they want to live in this game called earth.

How I came to become this version of myself after embarking on an adventure to understand how life reacts. When I was a kid I could tap into parallels versions of me that were near the one I was living at the time. Most people would call this remembering previous incarnations.

This showed me that there was more to life that what meets the eyes, that there where things that were hidden and that I was open enough to investigate. In the first chapters of my life  I became an observer of my life and the life of the people around me, I watched life unfold from above. I was not present in my body that much. Then in the following chapters I decided to play the sorcerer’s apprentice and experiment with life, I was talking to it by experiment certain things and listening very carefully to it’s answer.

That is where the magic happened I was always searching for something on the outside until I realized that alchemy happens on the inside, and transforms everything on the outside as a result. No the other way around. Since then I’ve been having fun playing that game that people call life, and I created this website to share a path that I feel is pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

Therefore I write about it and I teach it, if you are interested in a paradigm shift you can read what I write or listening to what I say in a live session.

Cheers mate, have a good one!


– Do not underestimate the importance of having fun and the confidence in your imagination, because this is where the magic happens  –

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